V0005 Flea Bops I’m Ready CD


Flea Bops
I’m Ready
CD      $10 each

These 15 tracks were recorded at Vinylux Records “live” to one track – no tricks, no gadgets, no overdubs! Flea Bops give it their all and show why they’re held in high regard for their rockin’ beat and dead-on traditional sound.

1.  I’m Ready
2.  Who’s That Knockin’
3.  Heart’s on Fire
4.  You Can Do No Wrong
5.  So Long, Farewell, Goodbye
6.  What’s She Gonna Do
7.  I’ve Had Enough
8.  Rock It
9.  Believe in Me
10.Tears Today, Gone Tomorrow
11.Good Time Woman
12. Little Bit More
13. You’re Undecided
14. Hey Little Honey
15. Train of Loneliness