V0008 Flea Bops Git to Gittin’ CD


Flea Bops
Git to Gittin’
CD      $10 each

15 tracks featuring 8 originals from the pen of Ronnie Joyner, and one from Lance LeBeau.  Plus, fun covers of Wynonie Harris, Carl Perkins, Johnny Powers, Johnny Horton, Sparkle Moore, and Shirley & Lee!

1.  Git to Gittin  9.  Skull and Crossbones
2.  Drivin’ Home 10. Hardball Boogie
3.  I’m Sorry I’m Not Sorry 11. I Was a Fool
4.  Get on Home 12. Has the Devil Gotten You
5.  Railroad Tracks 13. Goodbye Lonesome
6.  Too Hot for Me 14. So Good, So Right
7.  Long Gone Love 15. Long Blonde Hair
8.  You’d Be Thinking of Me