V0007 Biller & Horton Texotica CD

Biller & Horton
CD     $10

Fun-tastic original instrumental selections from this Austin, Texas duo!  With musical nods to Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant, exotica kingpin Martin Denny, Santo & Johnny, Mickey Baker, Jerry Byrd, Alvino Rey and Les Paul.

1. The Sneak-A-Roo
2.  Deep Eddy
3.  Tiki, Tiki
4.  Blackberry Bounce
5.  The Devil’s Birthday Party
6.  Whispering Palms
7.  Grease Fire
8.  Slippin the Mickey
9.  The New Thang
10. Dutch Treat
11. Mood Music for a Tropical Depression
12. Adam the Inkman
13. Texas Twilight