V0009 Wendy LeBeau & Her Beaus CD


Wendy LeBeau and Her Beaus
Garden of Eden
CD      $10 ea

Debut CD from Flea Bops bassist, Wendy LeBeau!  10 tracks with originals by Wendy and one by Darren Spears.  Covers from Big Mama Thornton, Bonnie Lou, Sparkle Moore, the Carter Family, Tommy Lam, and Johnny Tyler.

1.  Garden of Eden
2.  Just Like A Dog Barking Up the Wrong Tree
3.  One Track Love
4.  Skull and Crossbones
5.  Speed Limit
6.  Jealous Hearted Me
7.  Lie to Me Baby
8.  Stop ‘N’ Go Boogie
9.  The Coffee Addict
10. Kiss Me Baby